About Willig Concepts

From the Founder:

Sarah Willig

"I founded Willig Concepts in 2006. What began as small projects for friends and family turned into a sole proprietorship with contracts. I've been blessed to assist more than 30 companies with marketing initiatives since 2004.

Over the years, I have been employed and contracted in a variety of industries, primarily focused on healthcare and technology/software. This broad experience has allowed me to build a network of designers, developers and strategic and tactical marketers—which is what comprises Willig Concepts' comprehensive marketing services."

"Why the Glasses Logo?"

These days eye wear is an accessory, and friends often told me that the logo should incorporate the glasses because it represents me well. At first I thought this was a silly idea. Glasses would misrepresent my brand, and people may think WC is another optometry boutique. 

On second thought, I realized it was the perfect logo. Here's why:

  • It's memorable and recognizable: Few are using a similar logo (at least in the marketing world).
  • The glasses and eyes represent VISION: Vision is the most important part of creativity, branding and driving growth.
  • The eyelashes and eye shape appear female: This is a woman-owned business.
  • It represents the founder: It's important not to forget the personality of your brand. The logo is connected with its roots.

Integrated Marketing for Small to Mid-Size Companies

Most small businesses take an "a la carte" approach to outsourcing marketing because it's what's affordable. Most creative agencies are significantly cost prohibitive for small to mid-size companies, and often the turnaround is painfully slow. Our goal is to be flexible and nimble.

Willig Concepts was formed to be a single source for marketing services, including vendor management. Our clients are able to take full advantage of economy of scale through sharing resources and utilizing our discounts with external vendors.

Our subscription model allows businesses to set their budget and choose services that make the most impact. As clients experience growth, they are able to expand their marketing efforts to further penetrate markets.